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Coccyx Seat Cushion


Polyester Coccyx Seat Cushion Design with a U-shaped cutout reduces and relieves pressure on the tailbone and spine. Ultimate cushion support for daily use with our gel memory foam layered combination that provides comfort, support, pressure relief, and effectively distributes weight support throughout the entire cushion area. Multi-use cushion that is ideal for a wheelchair, transport chair, office, home, events, and travel. Water-resistant, washable, zipper removable, and skin-soft cover is easy to remove and washable. The material is very durable, while also soft and comfortable on your skin. Stays secure to your chair with a non-skid bottom material and Velcro attachment straps.

Sizes: 20″x18″x3″, 20″x16″x3″, 20″x16″x2″, 18″x16″x3″, 18″x16″x2″

Brands:: Nova