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Commode Bucket Liner


Commode Bucket Liners are essential for anyone who uses a bedside commode. These are leak-resistant medical grade bags that will protect your bedside commode from being soiled during use. Each commode liner contains a unique super absorbent pad which will convert up to 16 oz of body fluids into a gel in seconds. The jellified waste will trap and eliminate odors upon sealing the liner.

Your experience with your bedside will be tremendously improved: you don’t have to dump the waste in the toilet, clean the pail or deal with odors. Place the commode liner over the pail while the pre-inserted super absorbent pad lays flat at the bottom. After use, pull the drawstrings which close the liner, seal with a knot then throw away. Line the pail and once used pull the strings into a knot and throw away the liner in the trash.

Brands:: Nova